Money talks! The role of water in the world - an exclusive seminar on active ownership


Money talks! The role of water in the world - welcome to an exclusive seminar on active ownership

You are cordially invited to an exclusive webinar on Nordea’s engagement with the world’s largest pharma companies on water pollution and tackling antimicrobial resistance – one of the major threats to global health and wealth. You will hear from Simon Hodgson, Senior Partner of Carnstone and closely involved in the industry led Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI) and Manjit Singh, Associate Director - Corporate Sustainability at Centrient Pharmaceuticals and Chair of PSCI.

You will also have the opportunity to listen to Nordea’s specialists within the field of responsible investments. As a major asset manager we act on behalf of our clients when we see challenges. This provides for both better returns, as well as an impact on societal development.

Our exclusive webinar is held in conjunction with the annual World Water Week conference on global water issues, normally taking place in Stockholm, but this year as an online event. In 2021, Nordea will for the fourth time co-host an event on water and antimicrobial resistance. 

This theme goes hand-in-hand with our engagement with the pharmaceutical industry, and the challenges associated with the poor-waste water management we ourselves experienced on-location in Hyderabad, India – a global center for pharmaceutical manufacturing - a couple of years back. This eye opening experience led to a constructive engagement with the world’s major pharma companies and the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative. 

We are now happy to share with you the progress that has been made and how PSCI supports the Indian states efforts to clean up the Musi River that runs through Hyderabad - “The Musi River Revitalization Initiative”. 

This is an exclusive event for Nordea Private Banking clients in all Nordic countries, a webinar to be held in English.